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At the beginning of Year 1980, in order to explore international civil aviation market, Y12 aircraft was designed and manufactured by self investment. Y12 aircraft was the first aircraft which adapted international airworthiness regulation and standard in China.

  The left picture is civil aircraft Y 12 aircraft

On October 15 1980, the production patent of French Dauphin helicopter was bought. Since this patent was an advanced technology in the world, the incorporation of this patent helped Chinese helicopter manufacture technology make 30 years advance. Dauphin helicopter production began in China.


On July 14 1982, Y12Ⅱmade successful test flight.

  In 1983, Z- 9 helicopter was officially put into list of military armament.
The left picture is Z-9 helicopter

On February 12 1985, Y12 made first night flight and was successful. On May 20, Y12 performed successful first flight. On December 24, Y12 aircraft was certified by General Administration of Civil Aviation of China and gained type certificate. It was the first time that a domestic made aircraft was certified with type certificate.


On June 27 1986, a contract was signed to export 6 Y12 aircrafts to Sri Lanka. This is the first time in China that a Chinese made civil aircraft was exported to foreign country. On December 24, the production certificate was issued by General Administration of Civil Aviation of China for Y12 aircraft. It was the first time that General Administration of Civil Aviation of China issued a production license to national civil aircraft.


On November 1 1986, the factory name was changed into Harbin Aircraft Manufacture Co.


In May 1987, the first Y12Ⅱaircraft used for sea surveillance was delivered to State Oceanic Administration. Airworthiness certificate was issued for this aircraft by General Administration of Civil Aviation of China. On June 11, Y12 aircraft and Z-9 helicopter took part in the international air show in Paris—No. 37 International Aerospace and Aviation Exhibition for the first time. On July, first class award of National Scientific Progress was awarded to SH-5 bomber aircraft. On December 16, SH-5 bomber aircraft was successfully modified to be used for forest fire extinguishing, which filled a vacancy on application of aircraft in forest fire extinguishing. In December, outstanding program award of National Significant Equipment was awarded to Y12 aircraft.

In August 1989, first class award of National Scientific Progress was awarded toY12 aircraft. In December, Z-9A passed national technological qualification.

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